Awards/ exhibitions/ press

"Arising artist" award from the Society of Graphic Fine Art, Mall galleries, St. James, London

Finalist 99 Blue chip artists, Artsted


 First place tie, 

World Art Awards 2023,  (for “a train station snooze”), 

Category 4. Charcoal, ink/ figure 

Third place tie,

American Art Awards 2022,  (for “a confident stride”),  

Category 4. Charcoal, ink/ figure


Finalist, 16th International ARC (Art Renewal Center) Salon, 2022  

(for “a confident stride”) 

Helvetart, Open Show, December 2022 - Honorable mention award (for “a train station snooze”) 

1st prize for art competition "...für Menschen, die lesen", November 2022, Bibliothek Richterswil (for "distracted") 

Art show international gallery, exhibition 4th portrait, May 2022-Talent prize award (for "Fly me to the moon") 

Colours of Humanity Art Gallery, Human Nature 2022 Show – Noteworthy (for “a confident stride”) 


Art room gallery, exhibition portrait, April 2022-Honorable mention (for “Fly me to the moon”) 


Grey Cube Art Gallery, Animals art show, March 2022 – Finalist (for “a curious cat”) 

Grey Cube Art Gallery, Open art show, February 2022 – Merit award (for “a confident stride” and “Crowd”) 


Art show international gallery, figurative, February 2022 – Honorable mention (for “a confident stride”) 

Helvetart, Open Show, February 2022 - Honorable mention award (for “a confident stride”) 

Art room gallery, exhibition black and white, February 2022-Merit award (for “a confident stride”)

Exhibitions/ residencies:

Ausstellung "Visarte Einsichten" in der  Photobastei, Zürich, December

Ausstellung Cordast im "Mehrfamilienhaus",

Ausstellung im "Cafe Freud" Zurich, Okt-Nov 

Ausstellung la galerie d'Openbach Paris, September 2023

"Résidence d'été" gallery Openbach Paris, July-August 2023.

Ausstellung in der Open Space "MATERIAL" Zurich (Solo Exhibition), 29. June - 5. July 2023

Ausstellung im Restaurant "Im Spitz", Hauptstrasse 52, Hochdorf, Luzern (Solo Exhibition),
May - August 2023

United Talents Deluxe Group Exhibition,

Galerie Art and Business, Trittligasse 4, 8001 Zurich

May-June 2023

Newcomer-Mitglied Visarte from May 2023

Exhibition New Talents United, Joss Toledo Art Kunstatelier Zurich, December 2022 

Exhibition Art talents, Tanzwerk 101 Zurich, November 2022 

Kunst im Labor, Labor 5 Zurich, October 2022 

Exhibition Artbox.Project Palma 1.0
October - November 2022 

Exhibition Richterswil Bibliothek August - September 2022 

Exhibition Artbox.Project Zurich 4.0 (part of the Swiss Art Expo) 2022 


Exhibition Hubstock Music festival Langnau July 2022 


Exhibition ArtWalk Richterswil, June 2022 


Exhibition Art talents, Tanzwerk 101 Zurich, May 2022 


Exhibition Schönenberg Dorfhuus, March-May 2022 

Exhibition Galerie Dür 2021 December, Wädenswil


SGIS Workshop Lausanne, drawing workshop with adult teachers
Drawing course (an afterschool club at the OBS school), for primary and secondary school students 2022-2023

Workshop with IB class OBS (Obersee bilingual school) 2022 on realistic drawing 

99 Blue chip artists, Artsted

Article in the British magazine "Artists and Illustrators" (October issue 2022)

Article in the French magazine “le pratique des arts » (October issus 2023) 


Artwork in private or public collections:

Praxis Dr. med. Christine Materne, Zurich
Asylstrasse 17, 8032 Zürich