Frederick Terpstra 

Pencil artist

Current and upcoming

Galerie OpenBach, Paris
13. September - 1. October
Thursday - Sunday 14h-19h
Vernissage 13. September 18h-22h
Finissage: 27. September 18h-22h
12 Rue Jean-Sébastien Bach, 75013 Paris

Ausstellung im "Cafe Freud" Zurich

Vernissage: 19. October 19-21h

1. October - 31. October
118 Schaffhauserstrasse
8057 Zurich

Ausstellung Cordast im "Mehrfamilienhaus": Neubau Dorfstrasse 27 1792 Cordast

24., 25., 26. November

Vernissage 24.11 17h-21h
Exhibition open on the 25. and 26.11 14h-18h

Visarte Best of
Photo Bastei Zurich

7.-17. December
Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zurich

FREITAG, 8. Dezember 2023, 18.00-23.00h


SONNTAG, 17. Dezember 2023, 14-23h 

Joss Toledo Atelier

23. - 27. April
Vernissage 23. April

Asylstrasse 66 · 8032 Zürich 

Hello there!

I am an Australian/ British/ Dutch artist based in Switzerland.

I specialize in photorealistic drawings using a graphite pencil. I have exhibited in the area of Zurich in Switzerland and have won international prizes for my artwork.

I also draw scenes or portraits of people as well as animals on commission, available worldwide. 

Send a message and picture to [email protected]

An example of an animal portrait.

Keep up to date through instagram: frederickterpstra